Great, we’re getting hitched!! Now what?

So, a couple weekends ago, I sat down with Steve and said that we really need to get this thing planned. I was sick of telling people that the wedding would be soon, but not having a date for them or a location.

We knew we wanted our wedding to be small and affordable for us (sorry everyone). We were thinking about City Hall in San Francisco, but the webpage said there could only be 6 people in attendance. They have a bigger space, but it’s 4K to rent it out. I kinda think that the website is full of BS. Then we were thinking about a park. Well, with that, more problems arose: renting the space, chairs, tables, who would cater, we would need an ordained person… blah blah. Then we were thinking about our honeymoon. We were looking at cruises, but those are pricey and who knows if we’ll be able to eat anything.

So Steve mentioned that he read in the NYTimes that NYC is supposed to be the best place to elope now. I’ve wanted to elope from the start. There were some other factors that made this desirable, so that’s what we chose! We’ll be getting married at the wedding bureau, so chairs and ordained person will be provided. We’ll have the reception at a restaurant, so we won’t need to worry about tables and a caterer. And we’ll have our honeymoon in NYC. Voila, it all works out! Not to mention that NYC is the most amazing city in this country.

We purposely chose a long weekend, so there would be no hurry for people to get back to work. We needed it to be at least a month after our niece is born, and we didn’t want it during standard crazy travel time. This meant that May 22 was destined to be our special day (ick, that sounds so cheesy).


2 Responses to “Great, we’re getting hitched!! Now what?”

  1. emily Says:

    Soo happy! NYC is flattered to be the city of choice.

  2. Becca Says:

    In return, NYC can give us perfect weather with no rain!

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