The beginning

Well, I think everyone by now knows that I proposed to Steve on December 27 on the highway near Emeryville.  Yeaaaaaah anyway that’s embarrassing. I guess I never got to stop and think that people would ask details about the engagement. I feel that since I am doing a wedding blog thing, I should include info about the engagement, so there you go, I hope you’re happy.

Here’s the alternate story that Gabe and I came up with:

Steve stole a getaway car. We were being chased by the cops, so since I thought I might not be seeing him again or ever, I proposed at the spur of the moment. Short and Sweet.


3 Responses to “The beginning”

  1. Jen Says:

    I love Gabe’s alternate story! That is funny. I booked my hotel, it’s tiny but an upgrade from a hostel so I don’t care plus I’m only 2 miles from you!

  2. Becca Says:

    Haha maybe we’ll just go with his story. Which hotel?

  3. alythia Says:

    dude, i hella proposed to richard over thanksgiving…i was a bit embarrassed but, whatever! a real woman goes after what she wants! he said yes…but i changed my mind =p.

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