Ring finger bling

So now we had to worry about wedding rings. I love opals so much, so I wanted an opal ring. Well, I did research and opals are way too delicate for an everyday ring. I researched other similar stones and those too have a low number on Mohs hardness scale.

I didn’t want to go anywhere near blood diamonds, so I was thinking that diamonds were out. That made things frackin’ difficult. We looked up conflict-free diamonds. I searched all the websites and found the perfect ring for me. Even though I proposed to Steve, I still wanted an engagement ring, because wedding bands just don’t have enough pretty bling.

Steve is crazy and isn’t into bling (total shock, right?!), so he went with hammered metal. All rings will be palladium. I believe his ring will look most like the second widest band in the picture.

Click on each thumbnail for a closeup. I’ll add pics when the rings actually arrive (which will hopefully be soon!!)


2 Responses to “Ring finger bling”

  1. Yanna Says:

    ooh, where did you find those rings? So pretty, and so conflict-free!

    I am so happy for you guys 😀

  2. Becca Says:

    Thanks! Mine is from http://www.danforthdiamond.com and Steve’s is from http://www.greenkarat.com

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