Bachelorette party in NYC

You are cordially invited to a tea party! Tea will be served along with ladyfingers and cucumber sandwiches. Beautiful doilies, saucers and tea cups will be provided, along with tea spoons.

Dress: there will be a steampunk theme. If you are not dressed accordingly, you will not be admitted. If your look is slightly passable, Emily will provide you with some watch gears. Watch gears are limited though!

So bring your gossip, your manners, your dainty appetite and your faux leather, gears, monocles, and whatever else is watch-inspired, sci-fi inspired or just makes you look like you’re a trend-following gear-loving sheep. Thanks!!


4 Responses to “Bachelorette party in NYC”

  1. emily Says:

    so much love. this will be you, o non steampunk dressers, when i get done with you:

  2. Becca Says:

    Hahahhaha Emily, I almost spit out my water. That is awesome!!!

  3. Syb Says:

    perhaps i shall have to be given a makeover this night =)

  4. Jen Says:

    Hmm….date, location, time? How to get to said location? how to use subway system to get to said location?

    can complain how this is the 3rd time THIS YEAR i’ve found a friend on facebook who got engaged with out telling me!! i think i’m going to start boycotting facebook soon!! i’m to addicted to really do it though.

    ps: chrisitan is still alive if you care

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