Last night, I had had a nightmare that Steve and I went to pick up my engagement ring. First I noticed that the band was ugly as sin and just didn’t make logical sense. Then I noticed that the ring was too small. Then I noticed that the main diamond was three diamonds next to each other and was reeeally small even when combined. Then I noticed that it was yellow gold instead of palladium white gold. I was really upset that I was given the wrong ring and went to return it, but the place was closed.

My real rings were supposed to be shipped this Weds, but arrived today, right after that nightmare. So I’m a little scared! Haha but anyway, it’s hard to be patient and wait for Steve to get home, so that I can see my rings! I want to wear my engagement ring noooooooooow


One Response to “Bling”

  1. emily Says:

    Is he home yet? I want pix!!

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