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Bachelorette party in NYC: We’re such nerds

January 29, 2009

I started working on the ideas for the Podcast today. Well, the ideas will probably take forever to talk about, so Em had the brilliant idea to make tons of Podcasts instead of just one. I don’t really know who will listen to them, but I really want to do this!

The first one will probably be us introducing ourselves and saying how we all met each other. We might talk about Cleveland Heights a bit. We’ll definitely talk about Cleveland Heights High School and all the crazy things that happened.

Other Podcasts might be about how we’ve changed since we were younger. We might have a music, movies and TV segment. I think we should have at least one educational segment in each.

We need to decide about how long each should be and what should be included. Maybe we can add fun facts or just shocking things.

Anyway, it’s going to be fun.

Melissa was saying that my Bachelorette party in San Francisco should be a sleepover with girly gossip and all that. So, if she can banish Ryan, we may be doing that at her place. I think that would be so fun!

In other news, I found a site that has cheap tickets to Broadways shows! Click here! It looks like there might not be tickets for May shows until a couple months from now. We’ll probably see Avenue Q.


The city that never sleeps

January 28, 2009

So now we’re faced with the planning phase.

I kind of want a bachelorette party, but had a hard time thinking of what to do. I’m not into bars, clubs or strippers.

I get Facebook invitations to some parties that look really fun in NYC. I was thinking that if one of those Bungalow 8 parties lands around the time we’re there, we’ll go. I will admit that I’ve only heard of Bungalow 8 via Sex and the City, but that’s enough for me.

Then today I was talking to Emily and saying that both of us would probably make the most awesome podcasts. She mentioned doing a beta version while I’m in town. Then I was thinking about how cool it would be to do with Syb too, so then an idea was born. Maybe my bachelorette party will be a podcast party. We are so nerdy. But I think it would be so much fun.

Next up, food. NYC has the most amazing vegan restaurants in the country. I definitely want to hit up:

Candle 79 (they have a separate gluten-free menu too!)

Blossom (Fiona Apple sat next to Emily and me last time we went!)

Pure Food and Wine (all gluten-free!!)

Lula’s (an amazing ice cream parlor!)

Stogos (another ice cream parlor)

Babycakes (gluten-free cupcakes, ya’ll)

Foodswings looks cool (it’s a fast food joint in… Brooklyn)

Angelica’s Kitchen (look like a place Steve would like. Gluten-free cornbread too)

These are  just some of the places. I’ll add to this once I know what other things we’ll be doing and which areas we’ll be near.

We need to come up with non-food things to do. We want to catch a Broadway or off-Broadway show, but that’s not cheap! Emily mentioned TKTS, which sells tickets for half price, but I think you have to get the tickets the day of the performance. I think we may end up doing that. I wanted to try going on a TV show, but I don’t think we would want to wait in line for half a day. We’ll have to check out some museums. Anyway, this part isn’t planned out very well, because someone *cough* *cough* isn’t into planning.

Can you walk to NYC?

January 28, 2009

I think I said the main exciting things already, so here is where everything might start to get boring. I made a promise to be as detailed as possible though, so I’ll include this part too.

I wanted a hotel that was nice, in a good area and near the subway and near things of interest. We got lucky on, because they listed a cheap 4 star hotel in the perfect location… I was positive it was the Barclay and it was! Since we didn’t know which hotel it was when we paid, the price was less than half of what we would have paid if we booked it knowing which hotel it was. We also found non-stop plane tickets for a great price and with great times.

I found pictures of the hotel rooms and they’re pretty and quite spacious for Manhattan!

Ring finger bling

January 27, 2009

So now we had to worry about wedding rings. I love opals so much, so I wanted an opal ring. Well, I did research and opals are way too delicate for an everyday ring. I researched other similar stones and those too have a low number on Mohs hardness scale.

I didn’t want to go anywhere near blood diamonds, so I was thinking that diamonds were out. That made things frackin’ difficult. We looked up conflict-free diamonds. I searched all the websites and found the perfect ring for me. Even though I proposed to Steve, I still wanted an engagement ring, because wedding bands just don’t have enough pretty bling.

Steve is crazy and isn’t into bling (total shock, right?!), so he went with hammered metal. All rings will be palladium. I believe his ring will look most like the second widest band in the picture.

Click on each thumbnail for a closeup. I’ll add pics when the rings actually arrive (which will hopefully be soon!!)

Great, we’re getting hitched!! Now what?

January 27, 2009

So, a couple weekends ago, I sat down with Steve and said that we really need to get this thing planned. I was sick of telling people that the wedding would be soon, but not having a date for them or a location.

We knew we wanted our wedding to be small and affordable for us (sorry everyone). We were thinking about City Hall in San Francisco, but the webpage said there could only be 6 people in attendance. They have a bigger space, but it’s 4K to rent it out. I kinda think that the website is full of BS. Then we were thinking about a park. Well, with that, more problems arose: renting the space, chairs, tables, who would cater, we would need an ordained person… blah blah. Then we were thinking about our honeymoon. We were looking at cruises, but those are pricey and who knows if we’ll be able to eat anything.

So Steve mentioned that he read in the NYTimes that NYC is supposed to be the best place to elope now. I’ve wanted to elope from the start. There were some other factors that made this desirable, so that’s what we chose! We’ll be getting married at the wedding bureau, so chairs and ordained person will be provided. We’ll have the reception at a restaurant, so we won’t need to worry about tables and a caterer. And we’ll have our honeymoon in NYC. Voila, it all works out! Not to mention that NYC is the most amazing city in this country.

We purposely chose a long weekend, so there would be no hurry for people to get back to work. We needed it to be at least a month after our niece is born, and we didn’t want it during standard crazy travel time. This meant that May 22 was destined to be our special day (ick, that sounds so cheesy).

The beginning

January 27, 2009

Well, I think everyone by now knows that I proposed to Steve on December 27 on the highway near Emeryville.  Yeaaaaaah anyway that’s embarrassing. I guess I never got to stop and think that people would ask details about the engagement. I feel that since I am doing a wedding blog thing, I should include info about the engagement, so there you go, I hope you’re happy.

Here’s the alternate story that Gabe and I came up with:

Steve stole a getaway car. We were being chased by the cops, so since I thought I might not be seeing him again or ever, I proposed at the spur of the moment. Short and Sweet.